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  • Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy Dry Cleaning Service?

    Formal occasion wear or delicate items that need just a little more attention, we can make sure we deliver the best results...

  • Are you looking for High Quality Dry Cleaning Service?

    Lindus provides a Dry Cleaning Service for a wide range of everyday wear. Always delivering the best results...

  • Trust no other with your precious Evening Wear or Silks

    At Lindus we offer a deluxe service to sure we deliver you the best results...

Dry Cleaners

Lindus Dry Cleaners

New technology allows Lindus Dry Cleaners to provide you, our customers with...

The new 24/7 automation system Dry Cleaning Made Easy – The Red Box That Never Sleeps – allowing the convenience of dropping off or picking up your dry cleaning outside of our normal business hours... now that's convenience!

  • Lindus Dry Cleaners is the future of dry cleaning.
  • Express Dry Cleaning Service for your garments within 2 hours.
  • SMS notification as soon as your dry cleaning order is completed, for your convenience.
  • From fashion and fabrics, to stain removal, to the latest dry cleaning technologies, and the innovation of the 24/7 Red Box – the Future of Dry Cleaning!