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  • Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy Dry Cleaning Service?

    Formal occasion wear or delicate items that need just a little more attention, we can make sure we deliver the best results...

  • Are you looking for High Quality Dry Cleaning Service?

    Lindus provides a Dry Cleaning Service for a wide range of everyday wear. Always delivering the best results...

  • Trust no other with your precious Evening Wear or Silks

    At Lindus we offer a deluxe service to sure we deliver you the best results...

Dry Cleaning Services

Welcome to Lindus Dry Cleaning Services 
New technology allows Lindus Dry Cleaners to provide you, our customers with...

The new 24/7 automation system Dry Cleaning Made Easy – The Red Box That Never Sleeps – allowing the convenience of dropping off or picking up your dry cleaning outside of our normal business hours... now that's convenience!


  • Lindus Dry Cleaners is the future of dry cleaning.
  • Express Dry Cleaning Service for your garments within 2 hours.
  • SMS notification as soon as your dry cleaning order is completed, for your convenience.
  • From fashion and fabrics, to stain removal, to the latest dry cleaning technologies, and the innovation of the 24/7 Red Box – the Future of Dry Cleaning!