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Dry Cleaning for 50 years!

50 years and still going strong

drycleaner SydneyThey say “necessity is the mother of all invention” and in this case it appears to be true. It is 1951 in regional QLD and a small boy huddles in a shack at the bottom of a timber yard. He is alone in the world. At the tender age of 14 and with a fire in his belly to survive Selgio Pelleri begins his working life. He tries his hand at many ventures…. anything to make a quid…. always taking risks and learning via trial & error along the way.

As fate would have it the timber yard owner’s daughter falls in love with Selgio’s life long friend Mark. It is he who encourages Serge in 1957 to venture into Dry Cleaning…starting as a door to door pick up and delivery service…. he has found his calling.…and after 5 years of learning the trade he is ready to embark on his own. It is then in 1963 Lindus Dry cleaning is born. Many years follow as Serge works tirelessly with his wife Margaret day and night to build their business in the back of their home in Merrylands.

Today 50 years later it is still family owned and going strong with a presence of 10 shops in the hills and northern districts area. These days Serge's son Peter works vigorously driving the Lindus team and daughter Annabelle successfully manages the Dural shop whilst Serge continues with machinery marketing and importing. 


I would have to say the reason for the longevity of this family business is undoubtedly the result of the adversity of one young boys humble beginnings and his desire to survive…having no ‘silver spoon’ to nullify the creative spirit and no ‘easy street’ to dampen the feverish need to aspire. Today the perpetual fire in Serlgio’s belly is ever present as both father and son team; aggressively take the business of dry cleaning into the future with advanced technological state of the art equipment and cleaning. Proudly boasting 24hr dry cleaning 7 days a week with the introduction of the ingenious automation system called the RED BOX in all its shop locations.

It is said in order to be successful all you need to do is take ‘something ordinary and turn it into something extra ordinary. Lindus Dry Cleaning is just that. They are the future of dry cleaning in the here and now.

Congratulations on making it to 50!

*Affectionately written by the  daughter in law


Whats New at Lindus Dry Cleaners

Wedding dress special

 Our Latest special is causing a commotion here at Lindus Dry Cleaners. Yes! It's the one and only 'Wedding dress special'. Your wedding dress is one of those items that holds precious long lasting memories and with this it requires special and immediate attention to restore it to it's original glory. Dry Cleaning is only half the solution to preserving your gown. If you would like to keep your gown in it's original state for years to come then specialised attention to the storing of your garnent is of the utmost importance.  

We are offering for a short period only $199.99  Dry cleaned and Preserved.

Pre-paid special only and excludes sik and heavily beaded gowns.

Box included.

wedding dress dry cleaned

Serge makes it to the paper!


Serge makes it in the papers with his winning smile. Congratulations Serge!

Read the article published in Hills Shire Times.......

Drycleaner Serge Pelleri 
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