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  • Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy Dry Cleaning Service?

    Formal occasion wear or delicate items that need just a little more attention, we can make sure we deliver the best results...

  • Are you looking for High Quality Dry Cleaning Service?

    Lindus provides a Dry Cleaning Service for a wide range of everyday wear. Always delivering the best results...

  • Trust no other with your precious Evening Wear or Silks

    At Lindus we offer a deluxe service to sure we deliver you the best results...


Q: How does the Lindus red box know who I am and what I have dropped off?

A: The LINDUS RED BOX will know who are by you inputting your mobile number on the touch screen. You will select number of garments you are dropping off. Two receipts will be printed. One of the receipts will go in the bag to identify your order and the other is for your records.  A 3rd receipt will be duplicated in store. The LINDUS attendant will open your bag and search for your receipt. Your garments will be counted and matched against the receipt and then the order is processed as per usual. If you have not yet registered your name a LINDUS attendant will proceed to contact you and finalise your details in the system. 

Q: How do I know when my dry cleaning is ready?

A: You will be contacted via sms to notify your work is completed and ready to be collected.

Q: Is the LIndus red box safe?

A: Yes the RED BOX is safe and has been at LINDUS the last for 4 years. Each completed customer order is loaded to conveyor bay corresponding to your provided mobile number. A pin number is given to each customer. All of our red boxes are fitted with surveillance monitors. It has proved to be an invaluable service to the time starved 9 to fiver.

Q: How does the Lindus Red box know how much my order is?

A: The RED BOX does not process any money transactions it only takes information you have provided. E.g. number of garments. The customer service attendant will determine the costing as per usual. RED BAG AND BOX users will receive discounts according the amount of garments dropped off. We have a basic price list. (This is the starting prices for basic garments). A credit card receipt will be attached to your order for your records.

Q: Does frequent dry cleaning damage my clothes?

A: No frequent dry cleaning extends the life of a garment by removing stains and ground in dirt that cause abrasion and irreversible damage.

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