Preservation Services for Wedding Dresses

preserve wedding and christening gowns


Do you have a precious garment you would like to keep forever? At Lindus Dry Cleaning, we know the vital steps to slow down the ageing process.

Experience a minor spill or splatter while out at dinner? Bring the garment to us as soon as possible and we’ll eliminate any possible bacteria or stains. Stains left untreated can cause the garment to turn yellow in that particular area and lead to permanent damage.

Did you dance the night away in your glitzy cocktail dress or swanky suit? Our dry cleaning services will also remove any moisture or bacteria to stop mould nesting in your garment and affecting its lifespan.

For attire taken home as a keepsake, such as wedding and christening gowns, we have boxes of all sizes to keep your item protected for many years to come while in storage.